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One common issue amongst people who find themselves in a bad work environment is a pervasive misunderstanding of what statutory qualifications must be met to be the victim of discriminatory employment practices, at least according the Civil Rights Act. This is not saying that discrimination cannot come in many forms, but it must be taken into account that there are numerous laws and acts that...

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  You may think that having meeting minutes as a single member limited liability company seems arbitrary…but there are several reasons why you should formally document fundamental business transactions. Chapter 101 of the Texas Business Organizations Code, which governs limited liability companies, does not explicitly require formalities such as meeting minutes. So why would you want to voluntarily take on additional paperwork? The attractive feature...

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It is a disturbing reality that some protected classes of employees will find themselves in a discriminatory or harassing situation at some point in their career.  Even more distressing is that the offender may even be a supervisor or manager.  Fortunately, we as a society have gone to great lengths combating bias in the workplace in the effort to create an equal and fair environment....

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