Hospital Liens

Texas Hospital Lien Laws

Has a hospital filed a lien against any recovery you might receive from your automobile accident claim?

If so, don’t worry. We can help.

A car accident or truck wreck can be devastating to you and your family. You’re hurt and need immediate hospital attention. Texas law makers tried to help ensure that hospitals would treat all accident victims immediately, even those without automobile insurance, by passing a law that allows hospitals to attach a lien on any recovery you make from your injuries. You can read the law here:

Most Texans are not aware of this statute and are confused or have questions when this happens. Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are:
1. Why didn’t the hospital bill my health insurance?
2. Why didn’t the person who hit me have to pay for my medical bills?
3. How do I get this resolved?

Why didn’t the hospital bill my health insurance?
The short answer is the hospital knows if you receive a settlement from your car wreck, they may be able to get more money by pursuing your claim directly than filing your health insurance.
Health insurance will only pay the hospital a small portion of the bills that they submit for payment. The hospital lien allows them to seek full payment from any settlement you get for your accident.

Why didn’t the person who hit me have to pay for my medical bills?
When you are involved in an accident and you make a claim against the insurance company for the injuries the other person caused, they will not pay anything until you agree to settle your entire claim. This can include payments for time you missed from work, medical bills, prescription medications and your claim for pain and suffering. The hospital will not send them your bills. You will need to make sure you hire a good personal injury attorney. Not hiring a personal injury attorney to review your claim could cost you money and leave you owing medical bills after your settlement.

How do I get this resolved?
Call our firm today at 1-866-849-4944 and let us review your hospital lien and the facts surrounding your auto accident. We will be able to tell you if we can help you resolve the hospital lien. The call is free, the review is free and you won’t owe us anything, unless we can resolve your automobile accident case and your hospital lien.

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