Criminal Defense

If you are facing a serious legal matter, hiring a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is the absolute best way to help successfully defend yourself. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has the experience, dedication and resources necessary to work through the challenging legal matters that have brought your life to a standstill. We will be Your Voice In The Courtroom™ and we will do our best to help you maintain your freedom and reputation within the community.

Our firm’s team of lawyers has nearly one hundred years of combined legal experience and we take pride in working to ensure our clients receive justice. We have successfully represented numerous cases in state and federal courts in connection with driving while intoxicated charges, family violence matters, assaults, serious drug charges, probation revocation proceedings, expunction and non-disclosure matters, theft and forgery charges, conspiracy allegations, money laundering and asset forfeiture proceedings.

The lawyers at Fears | Nachawati maintain a formidable track record of dismissals, no bills and acquittals. We will represent your best interests and stand by your side to help you deal with the situation you face. We are Your Voice in the Courtroom™. Feel free to visit our Criminal Defense website for more information and contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. The sooner we are able to discuss your case, the sooner we will be able to help.

Feel free to visit our Criminal Defense website for more information.

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