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Before starting the Fears & Nachawati law firm, Bryan Fears and Majed Nachawati were together at a larger firm before they decided to team up with their own group. Now they have a team of lawyers that have established themselves in several different types of law, including business law and intellectual property. They also represent people in art law, estate law and probate law, as well as others.

The Fears & Nachawati Law Firm is based in the state of Texas, but they are also licensed to practice law in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida and Oklahoma. Not only do they represent corporations and businesses, but they also help individuals with many legal services.

Not only is this law firm that can dominate in the courtroom, but their legal expertise will help you stay out of the courtroom, too.

Our legal team is among the best, but our customer service team is even better. They have a commitment to excellence in customer service that is rivaled by none, and they have the testimonials to prove it. Over the past few years, this has been one of the company’s main focuses, as they’ve discovered that paying extra attention to a customer during difficult legal times is when it’s appreciated
the most.

The Fears & Nachatati law firm in Fort Worth will walk you through the legal steps to any solution. You’ll get the same professional legal service you’d get at a big law firm, but with the attention and personalization you’d get from a smaller law firm.

Our offices are located right on Main Street in Fort Worth, Texas. That’s just one of several offices the Fears Nachawati Law Firm has in the state of Texas, including Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, where our home office is based.

Call us today to make an appointment at (817) 230-4750!

Fort Worth

777 Main Street
Suite 600
Fort Worth, TX 76102
T. 817.230.4750

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