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Any individual, family, business or corporation looking for legal service representation should look no further than the Fears/Nachawati law firm in Dallas, Texas.

Bryan Fears and Maied Nachawati were lawyers together at a large law firm before they chose to create their own team at Fears/Nachawati. Their team can take on several different types of cases, including those dealing with art law, business law, estate and probate law, and anything dealing with intellectual property.

While the Fears  Nachawati law firm in Dallas is a home base, they are actually licensed to work as lawyers in several other states, including Texas, of course, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida and Oklahoma.

A great commitment to excellence in customer service sets this law firm apart from the other great law firms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Fears Nachawati law firm pays great attention not only to your law needs, but also to your preferences as a customer. Texas law, though, is our first and foremost concern, as we work to get you a resolution you’re happy with.

Since both Mr. Fears and Nachawati worked in a big law firm, they now understand how a smaller firm can offer great personalization that the larger firms miss out on. Even better, you’ll get their big-firm experience and background that helps them win cases.

When shopping around for legal representation, you should always consider that law and medicine are two things you don’t want to bargain hunt. You need the best representation in the courtrooms and operating rooms, and while price is a factor, don’t let it become the deciding one.

While we actually have offices spread throughout the state of Texas, our home office is based right here in Dallas, on Greenville Avenue.

Call the Fears Nachawati Law Firm has in Dallas now to make an appointment at (214) 890-0711.

Dallas (Principal Office)

4925 Greenville Avenue
Suite 715
Dallas, TX 75206
T. 214.890.0711
T. 866.705.7584

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