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Probation Violations

For individuals currently on probation for a criminal offense an alleged violation can have severe consequences. In these instances your probation can be revoked and the original punishment that was previously being served on probation can be imposed. This can mean a final criminal conviction on your record and possibly a jail or prison sentence in some cases. Even minor violations can result in extended time on probation and additional fees.

Many people hold the mistaken belief that only a new alleged criminal offense will violate their probation. This is not true. Failing to pay required fines and fees, perform community service or attend mandatory classes are common grounds for violating an individual’s probation. Further, the use of drugs and alcohol while on probation can result in a potential violation.

With aggressive legal representation it may be possible to negotiate a resolution that will allow you to remain on probation under your original conditions. Other times it is necessary to conduct a hearing to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence against you. We have extensive experience conducting probation revocation proceedings and have a record of success in helping clients avoid the harsh penalties they are facing.

Do not take this situation lightly. Your permanent record and personal liberty are at stake when facing a probation violation case. Contact us at your earliest opportunity to discuss how Fears | Nachawati Law Firm can help.

If you are charged with an offense, or being investigated by police, you should consult with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible for advice on how to proceed.