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Expunction & Non-Disclosure

Criminal history records can have a major impact on your ability to find employment, obtain a professional license or gain admission to an institution of higher learning. In some instances you may be entitled to have your criminal records closed off from public view. With our knowledge and experience in the area of expungement and non-disclosure law we can assist you in removing these roadblocks to your future.

It can be frustrating when your case has been dismissed or you have fulfilled the obligations imposed upon you by the court system, but your past keeps coming back to haunt you. In other instances your record may display inaccurate information, such as convictions belonging to another person with a similar name or other identifying information. Many people are unaware that they may be entitled to have criminal records stored in public databases closed off from view.

The type of remedy that is now available to you depends on the original outcome of your case. We have experience erasing damaging criminal records through expungement and non-disclosure, thereby allowing you to move forward with your life. Contact us now to review the circumstances of your case and to discuss options for clearing your name.

If you are charged with an offense, or being investigated by police, you should consult with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible for advice on how to proceed.