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The statistics involving cargo-related accidents in the United States are staggering each year, with close to 100,000 vehicle accidents involving large trucks and busses, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Often, those that have been involved in truck accidents get injured, and in some cases, killed, with about five percent of truck-related accidents ending in death. In these types of road accidents,...

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One of the biggest mistakes someone can make after being in a truck accident is to treat it like you were just in a car accident, and not in an incident with an 18-wheeler that has far more regulations involving its operation. A good San Antonio truck accident attorney knows the different laws that govern truck drivers and the trucking companies that manage their fleet....

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Throughout recent history, regulations on truck driving have caused a lot of changes in the trucking industry, which has often times meant a truck driver shortage. A truck driver shortage is usually an indication that experienced truck drivers are leaving the industry, and they’re not being replaced at a fast enough rate. Finding qualified drivers becomes a problem not just for the truck driving industry,...

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Whether you were in a truck accident yourself, or you a loved one was injured in an accident, finding the right Dallas truck accident law firm to represent you and your family is important during this very difficult time. It can be very difficult to not only know what steps to take next, but to even know where you should turn during this confusing and...

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Because of their training and experience, truck drivers are often the best drivers on the highway. Unfortunately, there are still some bad drivers that get behind those 18-wheelers, and those massive vehicles can do much more damage to those of us in regular-sized vehicles. Additionally, truckers driving at excessive speeds can cause even more problems and accidents. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, like Fears...

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As a Fort Worth truck accident law firm, we see a lot of cases involving commercial trucks and cars. Large truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous for many more people than just an accident between two similar sized cars. Truck drivers have to become licensed in order to drive across the state or across the country because the size of the trucks and trailers they’re...

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Getting into any vehicular accident is horrible news, but the difference between getting into a car wreck and a truck accident can vary greatly, depending on the size and speed of the truck. More mass equals much more damage – damage that often leads to more serious injuries and death. The National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety notes that about 73 percent of all truck...

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One of the worst incidents that can happen on an American highway is when a big, 18-wheel, tractor-trailer gets into a wreck at a high speed rate. Whether it’s the driver losing control and jack-knifing because he was a distracted driver, or a small passenger car caused the accident, it can be difficult determining who is at fault for big-rig wrecks. Since these types of...

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Quite often, someone that has been involved in a truck accident, where a commercial truck has hit their car, believes that both car and truck accidents are similar – both medically and in the eyes of the law. But there are actually several differences, and if you are looking for a Houston truck accident lawyer, like the attorneys at the Fears Nachawati Law Firm, you...

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